The Community Garden was setup as an initiative by the Waroona Community Resource Centre (WCRC) to provide fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs to the Shire of Waroona and surrounds.

The WCRC saw a definitive need for the Community Garden and now it is utilised extensively by the Community. We have many clients who rely on the produce to supplement their weekly food intake. We have noticed that this has increased during the COVID19 period.

The produce that are grown in the Garden are available to the Community and any donations for the Garden are exclusively put back into the Community Garden to ensure it's on-going viability.

Thanks to the fantastic work of our Volunteer Gardeners we grow foodstuffs all year round.

Many of the fruit and vegetables are used in the Community Kitchen, which is held every Tuesday.

The Community Garden has encouraged other lovely members of the Community to donate fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs to the WCRC so that we can act as a central location for the distribution of essential produce.

The Community Garden also assists with our Family Support Services allowing fresh food to be given to Families in need.