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Below are some useful tips and advice when it comes to Technology. If it isn’t below, feel free to call us on (08) 9733 3011 or come in and have a chat 🙂


If there is a loud bang from your computer, a bit of smoke and a bad smell. This means that you power supply (or PSU) has blown up. Sounds expensive but usually it isn’t. Costs should be $100.00 for the replacement PSU and $50.00 for labour (provided no further damage has occurred). DON’T GET RIPPED OFF.

Make sure to copy/backup all of the data that is valuable to you. There will be that day when it all falls apart and you will want that backup. On a MAC you use Time Machine. On a Windows PC you use Windows Backup.

Make sure you have something that works well. If it comes free for 30 days with your newly purchased computer/laptop it is worthless. If you can’t afford much then get ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus or AVG.If you want to buy an Antivirus get Webroot for the viruses and Malwarebytes for the Malware.

Q: What is better than paying for something that works?
A: Getting a similar thing for FREE!!!

Free Antivirus Software
At the moment there are two Antivirus programs that are free and I think they would be ok for most people: 1) Zonealarm Free and 2) Kaspersky Free. Both are very similar, Zonealarm nudges ahead of the race as it does not persistently annoy you to sign up.
What is the difference between the bought version and the free version? Good question. A few years ago there used to be a big difference. Antivirus software (too be affective) must passively check for viruses 24/7 and the free versions didn’t do that. Now however they do check 24/7 and are definitely 100x better than they were. The only downside to having a free version as opposed to a bought version is that it does not have as many features as the bought version (not really a downside in my opinion). Install one of them from the website and away you go. Just remember having more than one Antivirus software is not recommended as it will slow your machine down quite a bit.

Free Office
Office is a suite of programs by Microsoft and is pretty much an industry standard. It allows you to use Word (for typing documents), Excel (for spreadsheets), Publisher (brochure creation) and/or Powerpoint (for presentations) etc. However many of us can’t afford the yearly subscription of $99.00 per year.
Solution: Use OpenOffice (from a company called Apache) this is a FREE Microsoft Office clone. Install and enjoy.

Free Email Client
It is easy to have an email address, you just have to go and create a gmail account. But how do you get and read those emails? Well you could use the built in Windows email Client but that is a really really bad program. You could buy Microsoft Outlook for $99.00 per year (see above) or…
Solution: Mozilla Thunderbird. Easy to set up. Easy to use and FREE.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not get paid to advertise any of the above mentioned companies