About Us


Waroona Community Resource Centre (formerly known as Waroona Telecentre) is a not for profit, community managed organisation servicing the Shire of Waroona which is a part of the Peel Region.  Waroona Community Resource Centre is part of a network of over 100 Community Resource Centres located in small rural communities in WA.

Waroona Community Resource Centre delivers a range of services and programs ranging from training courses, fee for service activities; photocopying, printing, fax facilities, laminating, desktop publishing, videoconferencing, internet access, community project development and assistance.

Waroona Community Resource Centre provides valuable services and support to the Shire of Waroona.

The Shire of Waroona covers an area of approx 108kms – located 1.5hrs south of Perth on the South West Highway.  The shire stretches from “Sea to Scarp” ie. the Indian Ocean to the Darling Range and comprises of: Waroona, Hamel, Preston Beach and Lake Clifton. You will find pristine beaches, unspoilt lakes on the coastal plains, fertile farmlands and peaceful jarrah forests.  Waroona is at the southern most point of the Peel Region.​



Phone: (08) 9733 3011 or (08) 9733 2545

Fax:      (08) 9733 3022


CRC Staff:


     T. Witney


     S. Robinson

     Projects Officer:

     J. Fraser

     Admin Asst:

     C. Look

     CSO Trainee:

     J. Clark

     Family Support Services:

     S. Robertson

     L. Henderson

     D. Murray

     S. Barton

     Youth Centr​e:

     A. Chaffey

     L. Robinson

     N. Clark

     Little Youthie:

     L. Dela Torre

     L. Robinson